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Bus Operators

If you wish your child to travel to or from school on the bus, you should contact the appropriate driver from the list below. You will need to complete a transport form, which is available from the driver. Eligibility for free travel is determined by the Department of Transport according to the distance between your home and the nearest State School.  

​Location ​Operator ​Number
​Carson Road John Hastie 4091 2048
​Glen Allyn Road ​Jan Emerson ​4096 5262
​Millaa Road ​Kev Emerson
4096 5262
​Peeramon Road ​Margaret Wall
​4096 5103
​Topaz ​Jim Wall
​4096 5103
​Meragallen Road
​Joe Schmid
​4096 5190
Tarzali​ ​Kev Emerson
​4096 5262
​Jaggan ​Kev Emerson
​4096 5262
Russell Road ​Jim Wall ​4096 5103
School staff, supervise the children as they wait for their buses in the afternoon and attendance rolls are marked to record which children boarded which bus. All children travelling on buses are expected to abide by the Code of conduct for school students travelling on buses, which can be viewed at

Any inquiries/complaints about bus runs, costs, behaviour on buses etc. are to be directed to the bus operators in the first instance.

Bus Code of Conduct


A significant number of school students in Queensland travel on buses to attend school. All students have the right to a safe and enjoyable journey between home and school. In the morning, a pleasant trip to school can set the tone for a day of productive learning.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses (PDF,903KB) is to provide guidelines for those involved in the safe travel of school students on buses.