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Student Support Services

In collaboration with the Head of Curriculum, Classroom Teachers and Lead Teachers, the Student Support Team coordinates and monitors the implementation of intervention programs and individual support to respond to the learning needs of students.
Intervention programs and support may be delivered to a group, small group or individual. All intervention programs and strategies are designed to target identified goals and vary greatly in content, complexity, frequency and duration of implementation.
Current intervention and support groups scheduled at Malanda State School include:
·         Mathematics Support Groups
·         Foundation Mathematics Skills Intervention
·         In-class Mathematics Support
·         Phonemic Awareness Intervention
·         Phonics Intervention
·         Reading Support Groups
·         Literacy Support Groups
·         Sound Waves Intervention
·         Sight Word Intervention
·         English as an Additional Language/Dialogue Support
·         Early Years in Class Support
·         Snuggery - High Needs Supported Learning
·         Perceptual Motor Program
·         Fine Motor Skills Intervention
·         Occupational Therapy Support
·         Speech Language Intervention
·         Social Skills Intervention
Individual student support plans overseen by the Student Services Team include:
·         Individualised Curriculum Plans
·         Behaviour Management Plans
·         Attendance Plans
·         Flexible Arrangement Plans
If you are concerned about your child’s academic progress or social inclusion, please discuss this with their classroom teacher first. Student inclusion in intervention and support programs is allocated under the guidance of and in collaboration with the classroom Teacher.
The Student Services Team supports with school readiness and engagement through the following activities:
·         Be Cool, Be at School Attendance awards
·         Cool Student Activities
·         Crochet Club with CWA
·         Drumbeat with CST
·         Deadly Choices
·         Supported Transition to High School
·         Liaising with Local High Schools
·         Liaising with ECDP
·         In school, Malanda Community Health Clinic
·         Vision testing in the Prep year
·         Daily behavioural support and intervention
·         School Chaplain support with friendship building, being resilience, social and emotional concerns and breaky program
Additionally, the Student Services Team manages:
·         Referrals through the SEARS System
·         Identification and verification of students with disability
·         Guidance for caregivers in obtaining a diagnosis
·         Referral to Education Queensland Specialist Services
·         Referrals to Advisory Teachers
·         Referral to Guidance Services
·         Coordination of specialist visits
·         Furnishing approved documentation to external agencies
·         Maintenance of data to meet departmental guidelines
Members of the Student Support Team are readily available to answer questions or discuss concerns. Prior discussion with your classroom Teacher will assist in identifying the most suitable Student Services Member to address your enquiry.