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Year 6 STEM

​Year 6 STEM
On 11 August, the Year 6s at Malanda Primary School engaged in a morning of STEM activities.  STEM is an acronym that refers to the learning areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Our eager cohort of students participated in four activities.  These included building a model of a robotic grabber, building tetrahedrons with toothpicks and lollies, attempting to bottle slime and learning about the different types of scientists.
The robotic arm we attempted to build is used by spacecraft to grab satellites. It demonstrated that robots don’t need to be complicated. When building tetrahedrons we used toothpicks, marshmallows and jubes to build structures which gave us an insight into molecular formations of tangible materials and what makes some so strong – diamonds in particular. The slime activity challenged us to put slime in bottles and realise the density of the polymers which make up the slime influence the viscosity of the material.  We also learnt in our small groups that by collectively thinking a problem through we can solve it much more easily.  Finally, we were taught about the different types of scientists including meteorologists, geologists, biologists, geneticists and zoologists. Local CSIRO Ecologist, Dr Cath Moran, gave a great explanation of what they all do.
Many thanks to our local High School STEM ambassadors Amy Webb and Ashlyn Condullas, CSIRO Scientist Dr Cath Moran and Regional STEM Champion Mr Adam Hooper for making the day such a success. It was a great morning which was fun and educational and really did reinforce the ‘STEM’ does indeed supply our minds with great nutrition for our future.
By Hunter McConnell
Year 6 Student